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Get the advice you need to kick ice to the curb

Do you know someone struggling with drug and alcohol addition? Do you want to know what to do and how to help them?

Shalom House, a men’s residential Rehabilitation Centre in Perth, is sending a representative to Collie for an information session in March to talk about methamphetamine and ice addiction.

The session hopes to show people how to change and show families how to bring a person to the point of wanting change.

Participants can get information, ask questions and hear testimonies from former addicts and their families. They can expect practical advice on how to change the dialogue in order to help people break free from life-controlling issues, such as meth and other drugs.

Shalom House is proclaimed as the strictest rehabilitation centre in Australia with its no-nonsense approach and many non-negotiable boundaries and strict rules for the residents to abide by. It aims to ensure that all residents move through the program as fast as possible but at the same time making sure they receive as much from the program that can be gained as possible.

The founder of Shalom House rehabilitation Centre WA, Peter Lyndon-James, understands the need for rehabilitation and how hard it is to break free from life’s controlling issues, having himself come from a background of 26 years in addiction to drugs and life controlling problems. Peter was institutionalised from the age of 9, addicted to drugs and came from a broken home, his struggle to break free from the life that held him captive was a process that taught him a great deal. Peter now uses what he has learned to help set others free from what held him captive for so many years.

The session kicks off at 7pm, 17 March 2017 at the Margaretta Wilson Centre at 105 Forrest Street, Collie.

For more information, email, or head to the Shalom House website.

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