• Shani Waugh

Golfing great to teach the ladies

The Collie Golf Club is holding another free Ladies Golf Clinic with professional golfer Shani Waugh.

Shani says her approach to teaching women is very different to the way she teaches men.

“Putting it simply, men are mechanically minded and women are not. There have been many cases of a beginner woman’s eyes glazing over when I start to describe how a golf ball gets in the air,” says Shani.

“The boys on the other hand really seem to lap up the information, that is, if they hadn’t already worked it out for themselves.”

It is for this reason that Shani starts teaching women the chip shot, even though it takes time to master. It is less confronting than the full swing to start with and the set-up position is very similar.

“My experience with new women golfers is that you need to offer plenty of encouragement, be patient and make sure you add a social element to the lessons or clinics because women love to have a good time with their friends or peers,” says Shani.

Ladies are encouraged to come along and give golf a go, no matter their skill level. All equipment is supplied.

Phone Bev Moyses on 0410 062 228 to register your interest or to find out more.

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