• Collie River

Find out more about Collie Water proposal

Interested community members are being invited to attend a briefing session about the proposed Myalup-Wellington project during June.

The Myalup-Wellington project aims to secure the future water supply of the Harris Dam which supplies Collie and Great Southern Towns, and reduce salinity in the Wellington Dam, Western Australia’s second largest reservoir with a capacity of 185 gigalitres (GL).

It is a significant economic development project involving private proponent Collie Water, the State Government and the Commonwealth Government.

Under the proposal, high salt water would be extracted during winter months from the Collie River East Branch, pumped to a mine void and then sent to a desalination plant near Collie A Power Station. Fresh, potable water would then be pumped to Harris Dam and sold to Water Corporation to provide water to Collie and Great Southern Towns.

The extraction of the salt water from the Collie River East Branch will result in lower salinity water in the Wellington Dam, which is used to irrigate the Collie River Irrigation District, currently under threat from the effects of saline irrigation water on crops.

This aims to ensure the future sustainability of this industry and substantially increase production capacity, create jobs and economic uplift in the Collie River Irrigation District and Myalup Irrigated Agricultural Precinct and the South West.

Geoff Calder from Harvey Water will give an outline of the project and answer any questions.

A number of briefings will be held on Thursday, June 8. Everyone is welcome to attend the briefings, and further meetings can be arranged to suit shifts and other commitments.

Please contact 9721 1907 or 0416 486 627 for more information, to arrange another meeting date or to register for a meeting.