Camp fees, collected by the Ranger, apply .

Daily fees are $8.00 for adults
$6.00 for approved concessions
$3.00 for school aged children under 16 years
Children 5 years and under, free.

Address: Piavanini Road, 7kms East of Collie

Located seven km east of Collie town ship on the Collie – Darkan Road, Stockton Lake is another bush camping and swimming area.

Stockton was originally an open cut coal mine, but has long been abandoned and has filled with water. It’s very popular for boating and water skiing.

It is also perfect for caravans, tents and camper trailers.

Camp fires are allowed between the hours of 6pm and 10am and are to be contained in the designated fire pits only. Please clear the area around the pit to prevent a bush fire.

Whilst swimming is permitted, signs do warn that people swim at their own risk because, due to past mining activities, the water has a low pH level. Those with sensitive skin should limit their exposure to the water. The water in places is very deep and can be very cold.

While dogs are welcome on a lead, please keep in mind that fox baiting does occur in the Collie region and those baits are highly toxic to domestic animals.

Gas burners-barbeques will also be prohibited during periods of very high to catastrophic conditions.

There are two flushing toilets on the east side of the lake and two newly built long-drop toilet on the west side of the lake.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife have issued a cautionary notice on the low water levels at Stockton Lake and potential issues pertaining to those levels which are as follows-
• Water Flow - The amount of water flowing into the lake is now much less than previous years and the lake’s water levels will drop until topped up again over winter

• Cliff hazards - The lower water level will expose the submerged cliffs of the old coal pit and instead of gently sloping beaches there will be sudden drop offs into deep water.
o All these submerged cliffs can be unstable and could break off and collapse into the lake when walked on.

• Boat Launching - The boat ramps are steeper than usual and as the water becomes lower, launching will become more difficult. Boat trailers could become trapped on the ramp.

• Invisible, underwater hazards - The cliffs that are still submerged are not always easy to see under the water. for this reason:
  o Take care when entering the water – don’t dive or jump in.
  o Be aware that the water may suddenly become deep – take care when wading into the lake.
  o Be careful when boating as a collision with an unseen, submerged cliff is more likely.
  o There may be other objects such as old tree roots that will be just below the new water level so care at all times.

• Swimming care - Swimming is not recommended for long periods at Stockton lake because the mildly acidic water can irritate skin and eyes.
  o Less water may make the water slightly more acidic so consider spending even less time in the water and consider wearing goggles – especially if you have sensitive skin.
  o Bacteria and other organisms. Less water can sometimes mean warmer water and warmer water can increase the amount of some harmful organisms. The water is currently monitored so take notice of all warning signs.