Collie River Valley Marketing Inc. was formed in 1998 for the purpose of maximising the opportunities for each and every member of the community in the Collie River Valley by ensuring that the valley achieves its economic potential.

Its first major initiative was an extremely successful land auction program, which was a key driver for the subsequent real estate boom in Collie.

Since then, the group has produced a range of marketing campaigns and material focussing on Collie’s many and varied tourism attractions as well as for several annual events.

Recently, the group has begun liaising with the State government departments vested with the responsibility for the Shire’s many natural attractions in and around its State and National Forests, dams, river and water bodies to ensure they are kept to an appropriate standard.

Its next major initiative aims to transform the way information about the Collie River Valley’s developments, events and attractions flows between its residents, visitors and investors.